Generally Accepted History

A Generally Accepted History of the Twin Gods of Seeing

In the beginning, before the worlds were made, there was no sight to guide the Gods and Primordials. Only pure feeling guided them in making the worlds.

When the Gods and Primordials shaped the worlds, each had a contribution. The Twin Gods, Awa and Nwen, decided how the worlds should be seen. Awa charmed her brother into allowing her to pick the shades for the worlds.

But the shades she picked were so unorderly, each with their own name, and completely unrelated, that they burned the eyes of Gods, Primordials, and their creations alike. She called her new creation color, and told the people to embrace it joyously, or die.

Nwen decided that something must be done. He placed a great blanket over the worlds, removing the hideous color and replacing it with calm, serene gray. He created a place for his sister, a plane where her color could damage no one. This is the plane of Spectra, where no-one can enter, and no-one can leave.

But the color lingered on in the eyes of the world. Nwen was able to remove it from the eyes of the immortal Creators, but it was impossible to take from the world’s eyes. This turned out not to be a problem, however. The children of the Gods’ creations had no color in their eyes, and when their parents died, the color died with them.

To this day; Awa lives in her plane of Spectra, and Nwen wanders the planes, keeping the color from returning and striving to achieve balance in the world.

Generally Accepted History

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